Why Are More and More Manufacturing Organizations Heading to the Cloud?

Why are more and more organizations of all sizes and industries choosing the cloud for their business processes? It could be as simple as “because it works.” According to IDC, companies who moved to the cloud find themselves much better equipped to grow net revenue than their competitors. 

Bottom line: today’s modern Cloud ERP systems are more productive and less expensive. They give you greater control over your complex manufacturing environment and drive business growth. 

True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast Growing Businesses shares why organizations found that cloud applications were right for their businesses. You will learn: 

  • How using cloud solutions can help you grow net revenue 
  • Which five lines of business can benefit most from cloud technology 
  • Why 7% of SMBs agree that the benefits of the cloud outweigh any potential security risks 
  • Why the cloud isn’t just for early adopters anymore 
  • Six proven tips for planning your path to the cloud 

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